Mission and values

Since its foundation in 1991, CDL has become an integrated company in the design, fabrication, and commercialisation of maple sugaring equipment.  Financially sound, CDL is now a leader in the industry.  We constantly invest in new products and technologies to improve every aspect of the sugar-makers business. 

The owners, also maple syrup producers, know the needs of their customers.  They are known as major contributors in the development of new techniques to improve the efficiency of a sugar bush.  Their work helps sugar-makers increase their revenues and significantly lower production costs.  This is why, even if the weather conditions can be difficult to predict, the amount of pounds per tap, the syrup quality and the equipment reliability and performance have constantly improved.  The family values of honesty and hard work were transmitted by the president, Jean-Marie Chabot, to his children and everyone in the organisation.

Following a strategic planning session in 2007, the owners and employees were able to elaborate the main direction for the future.  In collaboration with the employees, management was able to come up with long term strategies to meet its objectives.  Performance indicators were put into place to monitor the progress.  Customer satisfaction, the level of innovation, the quality of the products and the delivery performance were analysed to ensure that CDL keeps and improves its position in the market.  Today, CDL holds near to 40% of the market share in the maple industry.

Research and development of new, innovative and performant products is and has always been part of CDL’s priorities.  The ultimate goal is to constantly improve the quality of maple products and increase the net revenues of its customers.  To get there, CDL is associated with some of the most respected actors in the industry.  The federation of maple syrup producers of Québec, the Acer Research Center and the Faculty of Agriculture of Laval University are some of the most important.  The CDL owners gave themselves the following mission: To only sell products of the highest quality possible, at the lowest price possible, respecting the needs, the trends, and the laws that rule the industry.  To know that producers are looking for performance, reliability, on time delivery, and competitive prices.  The quality of service is also an important factor, knowing that the season is so short.

The vision for CDL’s future is to stay a reference and a leader in its field in North America by investing in new solutions that will improve the process of maple syrup making, while keeping costs down.  To guarantee a good development synergy, our company always takes into consideration the multiple challenges producers face: high energy and manpower costs, production quotas (Québec), syrup pricing, volatile interest rates, global warming, new hygiene regulation and more

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